Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU PF)

This People’s Manifesto of the Zimbabwe African National Union
Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) for the 2013 harmonised elections comes
against the background of the enduring and unforgettable fact that
it is Zanu PF which liberated Zimbabwe after prosecuting a heroic
armed struggle. It was this people’s resort to the bullet that won
Zimbabweans the right to the ballot that everyone enjoys today as
a legacy of our liberation struggle.
That legacy permanently connects past, present and future generations of this nation with one another. It is a legacy that we all
own as Zimbabweans. Accordingly, this People’s Manifesto is a
solemn call from the fallen and living heroes of our liberation
struggle, indeed from the wailing bones that lie in many places
known and others yet to be discovered, for every Zimbabwean to
patriotically cherish and jealously guard the gains of our heroic
liberation struggle.
The essence of Zanu PF’s ideology is to economically empower the
indigenous people of Zimbabwe by enabling them to fully own
their country’s God-given natural resources and the means of production to unlock or create value from those resources. Through
our deliberate socio-economic policies and achievements since our
heroic independence, we have laid a firm foundation for the attainment of this strategic goal. Notably, our achievements have
been blighted since 1999 by the twin evils of regime change and
the illegal economic sanctions. And the last five years of the awkward GPA government have exerted the greatest toll on the people’s aspirations.