Melania Mahiya

melania_mahiyaFirst Name: Melania
Surname: Mahiya
Full Title: Mrs
Date and Place of Birth: 01-10-59
Political Party: ZANU PF
Constituency: Gokwe Gumunyu
Postal Address: Tafara School Bag 1066
Cell Numbers: 0712 790 353 / 0777 517 544
Academic & Professional Qualifications/Training
Primary: Gotheka / Bare 1969 - 1675
Secondary: C.A.C.C
Political History / Career:
War collaborator 1975 – 1980, Village Chairwoman, 1984, District Committee member 1987, Deputy Secretary for Production 1990, Administration Secretary 1992, Co-opted member of Provinces 1993, Secretary for Legal Affairs 1998, Secretary for Commissariat 2001, 2008 Vice Provincial chairwoman 2008. Central Committee member 2009 to date
Career in General:
Politician, Home Economics, T.O.T, Mushroom growing, Extension worker with Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council, Farming, Cotton scouting, farm management, communications and campaign techniques/ Business Management and Agro dealings.
Areas of Interest:
Social Welfare
Family Status:
Married with 2 children and 3 grandchildren
Church, Travelling (Cross boarder) and reading, politics

First Name(s): 
Gokwe Gumunyu