Marbel Matirangana Nkatazo

marbel_matiranganaFirst Name: Marbel Matirangana
Surname: Nkatazo
Full Title: Mrs
Date and Place of Birth: 30/10/56 Murehwa
Political Party: ZANU PF
Constituency: Women s' Quota Murehwa

Postal Address:Flanagan Rd Hillside Hre, Mutowani school P.O Box 69 Murehwa
Business Telephone:
Home Telephone: 17420 
Cell Numbers: 0772346948
Academic & Professional Qualifications/Training
Primary: Mutowani Primary School
Secondary: Harare High
Tertiary: Business Administration, Typist, Executive Secretarial
Any other Form of Training: Child protection(Mercy Corps), Business Management (ILO), Agro dealer development/ farm mechanization(ZIADA), food processing (unicef).
Political History / Career: 1973-1975 war collaborator, 1988 Executive
Member ZANU PF, 2000-2001 Chairwoman Juru District Zanu PF,2005- Vice Secretary for Administration Women's League Mash East, 2008 Secretary for Economic Affairs councilor Ward 8 Goromonzi R.D.C, 2009 to date Committee Member main body province.
Career in General: Office administration / typist, Business Management, businesswoman and farmer.
Parliamentary Career: Newly Elected
Areas of Interest: Mining, agriculture and lands, gender equality and youth, social services and health.
Family Status: Married with four children
Hobbies: Community work and going to church

First Name(s): 
Marbel Matirangana