Mabel Memory Chinomona

mabel_memory_chinomonaFirst Name: Mabel Memory
Surname: Chinomona
Full Title: Cde, Ms.
Date and Place of Birth: 21/01/58
Political Party: ZANU-PF
Constituency: Mutoko North
Postal Address: Home Telephone: Parliament of Zimbabwe CY 298 Causeway Harare
Business/Home Telephone: 0772 516 289
Cell Numbers: 0772 516 289
Academic & Professional Qualifications/Training Primary: Kawere School
Secondary: Nyamuzuwa High, Junior Certificate, Murehwa High – O 'Level
Tertiary: Speciss College – Secretarial, Local Government Certificate, Kushinga Phikhela – National Certificate in Administration
Any Other Form of Training:
Political History / Career: She Joined the Liberation Struggle late 1975. At independence she became Chairperson for Mashonaland East for ten years and then became the political commissar. She is in the Women's
League and was Director for the Commissariat and now she is a
Provincial Member.
Career in General: She worked in the Ministry of Local Government for ten years, Member of Parliament for Mutoko North for 15 years and was also Deputy Minister for Home Affairs. She was the Deputy Chairperson on the GMB Board for 5 years and on the ZUPCO board for 10 years Parliamentary Career: She was deputy chief whip for ten years
and SROC member for 10 years. She was also a member of the Portfolio Committees on Agriculture and Mines and Energy.
Areas of Interest: Farming and Gender Activism
Family Status: Widow with 4 children, 2 boys and 2 girls and a
grandmother of 3

First Name(s): 
Mabel Memory
Mutoko North