Mabel Kaundikiza

mabel_kaundikizaFirst Name: Mabel
Surname: Kaundikiza
Full Title: Ms
Date and Place of Birth: 14/07/1960
Political Party: ZANU PF
Constituency: Maramba Pfungwe Mash East Pro

Postal Address:Guyu Primary School Box 002, Mutawatawa, UMP
Home Telephone: Business Telephone:
Cell Numbers: 0773 079 074
Email: N/A
Academic & Professional Qualifications/Training Primary:
Secondary: Form 2
Tertiary : Knitting, Dressmaking and bee keeping.
Any Other Form of Training:
Political History / Career: Provincial secretary for Security League from 2001- 2013
Career in General: Farmer, councilor for 10 years ,women's clubs
Parliamentary Career: Mining, local government infrastructure public and works
Areas of Interest: Women in mining, politics , going to church and women's clubs
Family Status: Mother of three boys with two grandchildren and widow
Hobbies: Politics, church and women's clubs
Any other information: She was a ward councilor from 2001 to 2013. Chaired social services.

First Name(s): 
Maramba Pfungwe Mash East Pro