Luke Phibion Masamvu

luke_phibion_masamvuFirst Name: Luke Phibion
Surname: Masamvu
Full Title: Mr
Date and place of birth: 14 May1957, Nyanga
Political Party: ZANU PF
Constituency: Mutasa North
Contact details
Postal address: P OBox 233 Marondera
Home telephone: 0228-2906
Business Telephone: 0773 609 366
Cell number: 0716 200 580
Email address: PCIC Address and telephone number:
Academic and professional qualifications Primary: Nyamudeza Primary
Secondary: St Marys Hunyani
Political History/Career: Started politics in 1976 during the war operated as ZILWACO
Career in General: Started in the cell rose to branch chimurenga and again rose to district coordination committee as secretary for transport. Rose to provincial coordinating committee as a secretary for labour in Manicaland province
Parliamentary career: Member of Parliament for Mutasa North
Family status: Married with fifteen wives and fifty five children
Hobbies: Going to church

First Name(s): 
Luke Phibion
Mutasa North