Leonard Chikomba

leonard_chikombaFirst Name: Leonard
Surname: Chikomba
Full Title: Hon
Date and Place of Birth: 23/03/1955 Mwenezi, Masvingo
Political Party: Zanu PF
Constituency: Gokwe Kabuyana
Postal Address: Chikomba General dealers, Chitekete Centre, P. Bag 879 Gokwe.
Business Telephone: 059-2814
Cell Cell Numbers: 0772 659 471
Email: eddiechikomba@ yahoo.com/ edmorechikomba@gmail.com
Academic & Professional Qualifications/Training
Primary: Shazhume Primary school /Mwenezi Masvingo
Secondary: Serima secondary school
Tertiary: Diploma in education at Mukoba Teachers College, Gweru
Any Other Form of Training:
Political History / Career: 1980 organizing secretary and 1986 Legal Affirm Secretary for Midlands Province. A member of Central Committee
Career in General: Businessman owning supermarkets, cocktail bars, do cattle ranching and transport
Parliamentary Career: Joined parliament as a senate chief 2008
Family Status: Married
Hobbies: Watching soccer and travelling

First Name(s): 
Gokwe Kabuyana