Adam Chimwamurombe

First Name: Adam
Surname: Chimwamurombe
Full Title: Mr.
Date and Place of Birth: 09/10/1963 Kwekwe
Political Party: ZANU PF
Constituency: Chipinge West
Postal Address: Musani Business Centre P.O. Box 534
Cell Numbers: 0773 855 850
Academic & Professional Qualifications/Training
Primary: Torwood Primary Redcliff Kwekwe
Secondary: Cyrene Secondary school
Tertiary: Mechanical Engineering – UZ, British Engineering Council, Engineering Maintenance Diploma S.A, Engineering Certificate (Capetown)
Any Other Form of Training:
Degree in Business Management
Currently Studying Diploma in Business Management.
Political History / Career:
1978-1979 he was a war collaborator when he was at Cyrene Secondary and in 1979 skipped the Zimbabwean boarder into Botswana to join the liberation
struggle but it was not meant to be as he was put into a refugee camp because of the seize-fire. After independence he participated in a number of events as a ZANU PF youth. At the moment he is affiliated to ZLWACO and is the transport manager for Chipinge District.
Career in General:
Currently he is self-employed as a retail businessman with several outlets in Chipinge West. Before then, he was employed at Tanganda Tea as an Estate Engineer for six years. From 1995 to 2000 he was a mine Engineer in Namibia employed by Gold Fields Namibia. 1990-1995 Saltrama Plastics Engineering, then ZISCO steel from 1980 1985 doing Furnace Refurbishment.
Parliamentary Career: Newly Elected
Areas of Interest: Water reticulating and refurbishment and everything that have to do with Engineering Maintenance and Management. Industry, Commerce and Mining and Mining Rescusitation.
Family Status: Married with 4 Children all under 18
Hobbies: Reading, TV, Tennis and Jogging